We can be more, together.
We can be more, together.


At IDModeling, we believe that we can be more, together.  We believe in connectedness, and the flow of water, information, and communication, to help water utility professionals deliver solutions, with consensus, that they can have confidence in.  We have worked in the water industry for years, and witnessed firsthand, the need to share better data, and communicate. To see more, do more, and be more – together.  
Sedarū® (See Data Run) water utility management software will change the way utilities operate, connecting water professionals and empowering people as the “smart water network”.  Sedaru helps communicate, anticipate water operations, understand impacts, and solve problems across the utility – sharing current, relevant information, in real-time. 
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IDModeling leverages water/wastewater utility data to create hydraulic model solutions for infrastructure, energy, quality, and water resource management.  We apply our focus to water distribution, sewer collection, and recycled water systems, bringing condition and performance-based analytics to the global water industry. 
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South Bay Water Recycling-CA

“IDModeling served the City’s water, recycled water and treated water systems. It’s been a pleasure to experience their consistent availability and expertise.”-David Tucker, South Bay Water Recycling-CA