We can be more, together.
We can be more, together.


About Sedaru®

Know “what happens next™” for your utility’s smart water network with Sedaru®. Real-time communications and predictive analytics leverage your business data for findable, shareable, and actionable insights. Understand and prepare for impacts while minimizing risk. Coordinate and optimize response to operational events. Make more powerful decisions for the future by connecting to Sedaru.

Sedaru Functional Groups

Run your utility as a unified whole with Sedaru®, sharing actionable intelligence across the entire organization at the enterprise level - and make smart decisions easy.

Making predictive modeling and informed decisions easy, Sedaru® helps utilities manage risk while leveraging experience and knowledge from all their functional groups.

Measure impacts to customers, quality, and your bottom line before operating facilities, with network monitoring, outage response, and real-time simulations in Sedaru®

Water Quality
Stay ahead of water quality issues using Sedaru monitoring, sampling, and real-time analytics. Optimize flushing, trace contamination sources, and take action.

Use Sedaru® to connect field crews and operations, streamline workflows, and increase productivity. Simulate decision impacts beforehand to reduce emergencies and lower costs.

Customer Service
Sedaru® pinpoints leaks and critical system issues early. Communicate with field crews in real-time, create work orders on the fly, and take care of customers before they call.

What Customers Have to Say

Indio Water Authority-CA

“The Sedarū® software was created around our needs. We anticipate its continued use across our water departments because of its field verification features and ease of configuration."-Brian Macy, P.E. , Manager of Engineering and Environmental Services, Indio Water Authority-CA